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Month Of New Music - 2012 Edition Thursday December 6, 2012

In what seams like the yearly signal that Christmas is around the corner, last month was Month Of New Music. Again, I could get into the history of it or you could just read my previous posts, essentially Month of New Music (#monm) started in December 2008 by a handful of Calgary Techies. The idea is to challenge yourself with help of peer-pressure from the online community to listen to one new to you CD for each day of November.

Month Of New Music - 2012 Edition

In years past, I’ve struggled to get past even the 15 day mark without an immense amount of effort. But now due to the advent of Rdio and online streaming , I’m happy to announce that 2012 was my most successful year, with 22/30 records nailed down. Or for those math nerds out there a 73.3% completion rate. Sure, I had to push my listening well into the first day of December to reach 22, but I’m just happy that I was able to push myself to new levels in this yearly challenge.

If you’re curious as to what I listened to you’re in for a treat, as I kept a spreadsheet of all the records I listened to over the month. I even included some incoherent ramblings… which I haven’t gone back to read over.

Now in regards to my take on the state of music right now, I’m not sure what to say. I might just be in denial, but I’m stuck between two conflicting stances that lead me to believe that I’ve turned into the thing I feared the most as 16 year old… that I’m an out of touch fossil. See on the one side, I have a gut feeling that bands and cds that I tend to really enjoy are a dying bred within popular culture. Bands such as Sleigh Bells, Queens of the Stone Age, MUTEMATH, The Distillers, The Foo Fighters, BTTLS and Rural Alberta Advantage are just too few and suitable alternatives are far between. But on the other hand, maybe, just maybe my musical tastes have aged and I’ve just become that out of touch 32 year old that is living in the glory years of music.

Either way, at the end of 30 days of exploration, I can say that there is far too much crummy dance music out there, Death Grips are a fascinating band to watch and The Deftones new record is probably one of the best things I’ve heard in a long time.

BTW kudos to all of those who are keeping the Month of New Music torch glowing. Special shout out to all of those who completed the task, very well done guys.

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