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Double Rainbow Down On the Prairies Monday August 2, 2010

I can say this with all honesty, but the day Neil Young passes will be a dark, dark day… But in the mean time here’s a dead on Jimmy Fallon impersonation of the great Neil Young singing about … what else? Double Rainbows.

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In The Basement Slogging Ice Like Sloth From The Goonies. Sunday June 27, 2010

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve done a complete 180.

I’ve done a complete 180 on my opinion of Gary Vanyerchuck. For those who’ve had conversations with me over the year, you’ll know that for the best part of the past year, I’ve done a fair bit of mocking Gary V. And no fault to Gary at all, mainly I used to base my opinion on his work solely on third hand comments. And If I’m a bit more honest, I’ll blame it on the lingering taste in my mouth from Social Media douche bags on this one. But over the past couple of months, I’ve really started to spend most of my downtime living and breathing the Gary V machine.

Of course, that’s just literal reference. I’m not running around trying to sniff his shirt or anything… But if I did, I’m sure it would reek of success.

Anyways, I digress.

I love the guy’s drive. I love his honesty and I love his I don’t give a crap and any one can be me persona. When it comes to trends in entrepreneurship, technology and the development of Social Media; Gary is on top of his game and his talks are worth the time investment.

So with that, I urge you… No, actually I really beg you to take in his talk at the 2010 Railsconf.

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Random Thoughts For HWA Friday June 25, 2010

H.W.A... ‘nuff said.

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First – An interesting read about Yann Martel, the author of the best seller Life of Pi, and the backlash brewing against his latest novel.

The interesting take away from this article is that Yann and his wife live in Saskatoon. Which is awesome ‘ToonTown For THE WIN!

Second – And because I was perusing the Guardian web site yesterday, I stumbled upon this great little article about the evil Teachers of Ontario gobbling up the British Railway system. Which, would completely insane for the average Briton.

Like really, how could a Teacher’s pension from a province in Canada be one of the most powerful and wealthy entities in the entire world? Now that I read that statement, I do find find it quite funny that the Teachers are one of the most powerful entities in Canada.

ThirdMy new favorite shirt ….

Fourth – As far as athletes and acting goes, this little skit for the NHL Awards this week is pretty funny. And easily the best part has to be the Neidermeyer quote.

FifthIf Atari Was Apple, And Had Done It All In 1977…

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Cats Are Weird Thursday May 13, 2010

So obviously, I didn’t get around to posting a random thoughts last friday and I haven’t has that much time to blog. BUT what I have had time to do over the past week is to briefly unwind with some Hulu. Which is one of the huge benefits of living in the states, but the one problem with Hulu is the limited selection of Commercials.

Yes, you get the privilege of only seeing one commercial every 10 minutes, but they also happen to be the same five commercials. (Now don’t even get me started on the CWTV’s commercial plan).

So imagine watching this LSD trip of a Friskies commercial … over … and over … and over again.

Cats are fucking weird. Like seriously what kind of animal would fight through psychedelic ducks and float on a fish over a river of purple just to get to a meal of corn husks and chicken bone marrow?

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A BoomBox is Not A Toy Wednesday April 28, 2010

This won’t be up for long, because we all know that NBC hates people watching their product. So check it out while you can… It’s another Digital Short from the Lonely Island guys… But this with a multi-colored mullet wearing Julian Cassablanca… and fingerless gloves.

The Lonely Island – Boombox (feat. Julian Casablancas) – Watch more Music Videos at Vodpod.

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